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CAROLINE VITELLI ART RESIDENCY ICELAND DIARY : I am here to try and to create new mythologies in the context of a layered and dense history. A voyage that can function as a diagram (I am thinking, for example, of the complex role that the diagram plays in psychoanalysis), but for which the precise meaning is absent, or at least hidden. As signaling a movement or progression in the manner in which I tackle my objectives, a new force would be released through my re-interpretations, through a continuing investigation into the metamorphoses of the things that surround me. Ineffable in its proper essence, the simple idea of creation in a new space, a new place, would have an impact on my vision, one which would succeed in creating an explicit interaction between the idea of place, art, life, and my own history. As such, I've decided to approach this proposal as at the same time a personal experience and a simple strategy for opening a new world of narrative possibilities. The workshop opens the door to the place where the psyche of the artist busies itself. In that place, I would undertake a project of framed narrative compositions, constituting a conscious deformation of certain theoretical precepts that both engage and imprison me. These narrative works would be nourished, obviously, by a number of themes of personal interest, and which always arise in new ways from the reality of where I live: questions of gender, social relations, different types of encounters etc. An exercise in style, functioning as a kind of funhouse mirror for the world in which I live, and at the same time, a mirror that reflects different pictorial ideas of modernism and its various utopic incarnations. I'll leave Geneva to Iceland for "artist-in-residency program" from November 1st, 2012 to the end of march 2013. I shall travel between Tumi Magnusson & Roman Signer's house located in Seyðtoisfjörðu and the Listhús art house institute in Ólafsfjörður, Fjallabyggð. info@carolinevitelli.com
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Huldufólk (Icelandic hidden people - from huldu- “pertaining to secrecy” and fólk - “people”, “folk”) Watercolor & Charcoal on cardboard paper - illustrations made during my Icelandic Art residency. Each one represent my vision of the 12 Huldufólk living in Iceland. —  (to see the 12 illustrations go on my FB page)

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